Saturday, May 5, 2012


So, I had to get my port redone tonight. Well, the needle. They took the needle out and I had a shower (AHHH SOO AMAZING, you can't get the site wet at all, so it's reallyy hard to take a shower) and then they had to put another needle  in. Usually, it doesn't hurt, but it had me in tears. I was in so much pain. They aren't sure why, but it doesn't usually hurt that bad. So it's finally done, and it's feeling better.

Ports are like miracle workers for CFers. Can be. I used to get PICCs a lot. A PICC is like an IV. But it's longer. Instead of a little length, it's a lot longer. It goes from my elbow to my heart basically.  A med line isn't quite as long. More in-between.

A lot of us use PICCS, because an IV doesn't really work. The medicine we use is so strong, it can burn. It used to sting/burn me. But being put under for a PICC isn't really helpful. I either get put under, or they sedate me. I think they do either one, cause I remember getting anesthesia, or getting the medicine. When I get put under, they put a tube down my throat to help me breathe. Every medical show I have watched, when the patient stops breathing, they do that...yeah...I felt good when I realized that... (-.-) not. Anyways, when I wake up from being put under, I can't breathe. I feel worse. Everything kind of drains and gets stuck, and it is REALLY hard to breathe then. So I have to lay back down and wait for someone to come with a treatment before I sit up again. Also, the more they put you under, the harder it is to wake up they told me. So..PORT IT IS!

I have HORRIBLE veins. Like, I'm not kidding. It took an hour and a half to get an IV started. When they tried to just get blood..they couldn't. So that's when we decided to go for a port. It was very painful at first, but now I don't notice it. I have 2 scars, both are almost gone. One was like a bubble, its smaller now. The other was this long scar, it hurts if they put tape on it. But it's almost gone. It's still pink..a year later. But whatever. 

When they say they have to draw blood for antibiotic test (to see how much is in your blood) they can't use the port. Because it is an access site, and it's where the antibiotic goes in. Kind of like...idk..testing a Dam for water..obviously you are going to find water....So they have to draw blood from somewhere else..I laugh. I tell them good luck and hand them my hand. It's the best spot. If you can't find a spot in my hand, you're screwed. 

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