Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 2

So I will be staying over the weekend, "try to get as healthy as possible, " as my mother put it. But I just got up about an hour ago. I didn't fall asleep until 6am, and every 5 minutes a doctor comes in. When I do sleep well, it's like NO one comes in. Seriously? And the doctors who came in this morning...ugh. So the dude comes in ten mins after I fell asleep, and he's like you will probably go home Thursday. I was like well Chicano, (my doc this week) said I might stay over the weekend to get the full 10 days. And he goes, well I think we are only doing 7. We don't want you to get resistant to the medication. AND then he goes, the normal run is 7-10 days. I was like yes..10 days(that's what I saidddd!).... He left and I started to laugh..seriously? Did he read my file? I have been on these meds almost every month. I know CFers who go for MONTHS at a time on these. I was

SO THEN, the chick comes in. I fell asleep while she was talking yesterday. She talks so fast, I mean not faster then me, but fast. And a  LOT. 
I have this problem, when I am reallyy tired I won't remember who comes in, or what they say. So I only remember a little of the conversation. It was like, well you'll probably go home tomorrow, its 7 days on Wens . I said no , Thursday. She was like, no it's Wens. If I wasn't so tired, I would have counted on my fingers to explain. And she's a doctor? LOL. Right...nice try, play again.
So, Chicano comes in later. And he said I can do 7, or 10. And we agreed to try and get as much antibiotics as possible,and go for the ten. He did also say that if after the 7 days, if I wanted to go home, I could. Which was cool. I like him, he's pretty awesome. And his accent, he's from...Argentina? So, I love when he talks. He reminds me of my one Spanish teachers. All the nurses say he has an awesome accent also, and that when he answers the phone he goes "Ello, dis is Chicano," in his Spanish accent.

Anywayss, it's day 2 of the month. So , we need to spread the word out. I mean, not just this month. But there is probably a lot more going on for CF this month than any others. 

I posted on fb last night for my friends and family to see if anyone wanted a link. And a lot of people do. It was really nice, it made me smile. I know my family is there for me always, and they want to read about this. A few CFers do too, and I have over 70 page views right now, and I haven't even sent the link to anyone in my family but one person. And I know she reads it(: To follow the blog, I think you need to use your email and click somewhere that says "follow"..or subscribe? I really don't know. I am following two other blogs, and I have no idea how I did I can look up directions on Google and post them if anyone wants.  I have a CF mom who read my blog last night, she said it helps her know a little more about what her son goes through. He's 12. 

So, yeah...OH WAIT. The documentary is going to be on at 9pm, May 3! Please watch! I am going to get the DVD (hospital channels don't have it, but I am asking around if any rooms do have it somewhere in this place) so, let me know what you think of it!

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