Thursday, May 2, 2013

'Head Underwater'

If you're curious as to the name of my blog, I'll tell you.

There's a song by Sara Bareilles called "Love Song". It is a love song, but the first few lines I've always loved and relate to:

"Head underwater
and you tell me
to breathe easy for awhile....
The breathing gets harder, even I know that..."

With this disease you do feel like you're drowning sometimes. And besides that, I'm under constant stress. Always dealing with meds, treatments, doctors, new doctors, hospital visits, new meds, and it's crazy. So you feel like you're underwater sometimes, dealing with way too much, and it's all going over your head. And I think the lyrics fit me perfectly.

Here's the song in case you want to hear it :

Day 2- You don't look sick.

I did remember to post today, so that's an accomplishment. And I slept for almost 12 hours last night, another huge accomplishment. "How can anyone sleep 12 hours??!" Well, when you're exhausted , it's not too hard. So anyways, what to talk about...

"You don't look sick!"

I think I've heard that more times in my life then anything else. There's a few other phrases like that.
"So, are you still in pain?"
"How are you feeling?"
"Are you contagious?"

"Will you get me sick?"
"What do you mean you're in the hospital?"

I'll talk about those later. But the first one. Everybody tells me how sick I do NOT look. Except my mother, she lets me know hahaha. But when I tell people I'm really sick, they don't believe me. I have a cheery face. I always smile, (mainly because people are so idiotic I can't help but smile,) and I try not to let my disease keep me down. Although it is very hard. The only times I 'look' sick would be when I'm in the hospital and reallyyy bad (my mother usually starts off a visit with, "wow, you look like hell." Which some might find rude, but it actually comforts me. I know she won't like, and I already know I look bad even though the nurses refuse to admit it for the most part. If anyone will tell me straight up, it's my mother, ) or when I have an arthritis flare up. Even then I don't look totally sick. I just can't walk, bent over, maybe a fever, a rash, and in a lot of pain.

We don't always look sick. For most of us, we look anorexic. We're usually very skinny. But besides that, (and the obvious coughs) you can't tell on the outside. So instead of saying, "Well, you don't look sick!" maybe take a chance to find out why they don't look sick. Maybe they have a hidden illness. Maybe you can take a chance to become aware of another disease. Learn something new. It won't hurt you.