Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Not sleeping.

I'm up , late, again. It's not really surprising at all. I don't sleep well. Apparently it IS a CF thing, but I had a sleep study done. The technician said that she did  a study on CFers and sleep. A lot of us don't sleep for absolutely no reason. We just don't sleep. How does it work for school? It doesn't , at all. I hate falling asleep in class. It could be medications, it could be something more serious. 

To do this sleep study, I was hooked up to more wires then I could count, a night camera that could see me close my eyes from halfway across the room on the ceiling, and a listening device that could hear me grind my teeth from across the room next to the camera. They put those sticky pads all over you, and you can't move without knocking or unplugging something. I do NOT  want to even dream about what would have happened if I had to pee...thankfully I didn't. Then , they put something over my face so that I wouldn't knock out the wires in my hair, a tube in my nose, and told me to SLEEP. Yeah...sleep? 

Thankfully I hadn't slept in days, so I passes out. But every time I rolled over I woke up, the door opened I woke up, or anything...I woke up. So crappy night of sleep. Then I was woken up at 5am to be unhooked and kicked  out. It was one AMAZING night...(did you catch the sarcasm?) 

I'm up a lot, and I always look like I haven't slept. I function ok usually, but I'm tired all the time. I'm easily distracted and fall asleep so easily in the day. But lets try to sleep again, goodnight. 

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