Monday, April 23, 2012

After Prom

Aside for much NOT needed drama this weekend, it was pretty amazing. 
I did have to see my father, and stepmother. But that is a story for ANOTHER day. And a long one. A bunch of memories that I don't want to think about again tonight. But anyways, prom was fun. We all looked amazing! I saw so many friends, and danced with so many people. Even an old crush(; And saw my best friends. I will be going back very soon to have an amazing weekend again, I hope. And hopefully without the drama. I am now ready to go in the hospital.

Within the week I will probably go in, so I'll see. But I really should try and sleep, since I haven't been the last few days really. I will be calling my doctors soon, and seeing my best friends soon too I hope. So ready for graduation! And made a few good friends this weekend. And saw my baby sister the first time. It was, pretty nice. 

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