Saturday, April 14, 2012

Missing Prom

I'm sick. Really sick right now. I'm feeling better the last two day, but truthfully I should have been hospitalized a few days ago. Except, prom is in a few days. I am driving four hours away to see all my friends one last time. I almost missed it. I was going to tell the docs that either I need to be out by this Thursday, or just wait. They called an antibiotic in, and I'll probably be hospitalized after prom. I've missed so many dances and events at school because I was hospitalized. 

I'm debating college right now. Do I really want to risk paying more because I get sick and restart a class? I want to go to college, I'd be the first in my family to go right out of high school. My parents went in their 40s. So, Idk. I guess I'll see what happens. I thought about just starting in a bakery, maybe I'll do that. But I think college would  be a smart option. But I can't wait for prom this weekend. 

How did I spend my last spring break in high school? SICK. Coughing up green crap , barley breathing , worrying about making it to prom. Awesome, huh? If you get a vacation, you get sick It's something that happens to us all. If you aren't , you are lucky. Time to do some more medications....

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