Saturday, June 23, 2012


So, I graduated high school! I was so happy! I didn't graduate with honors, which pissed me off. 2.756 or something...honors is 3.0 I was in the hospital all year, are we serious?! Anyways, I don't care too much. It's over. But I am in NY for a month. Sooo excited. I do have to go back for docs and my port in a month,but for now it's going to be fun. 

I am sleeping horribly. I keep getting what is called a "hypnic jerk". I get jolted away, that falling feeling. I get it multiple times, more often then usual. I hate it. And I am barley sleeping. But it seems naps help me a lot. 

I talked to Josh tonight, and I feel a lot better. I miss my friends soo much. I still miss Jessie a lot...more then I thought possible....

I figured I'd update everyone. My chest is doing pretty good. Been having a lot of stomach issues. I need to go to tired. I tasted like salt...I swear I was covered in it!! I sweated in the car (horrible AC) and it was like I was covered in weird..but that's a CFer for you. Well, I'll post tomorrow when I can think. Night! (:

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